SOLARIA offers three-in-one

Business process management (BPM) solution

Experience the “bright side” of business process management. Take advantage of the power of modern BPM by transforming, automating and optimizing business operations. Master global governance and compliance, minimize risk and improve the responsiveness of your organization with Solaria, the BPM solution for managing processes of various complexities in real-time.

Document management system (DMS)

Solaria DMS helps your employees quickly and easily access data anytime, anywhere. It makes your organization always well informed and ready to make the right decisions. Parameterized, full-text, process and document search with centrally administrated access control lists (ACL) gives your organization a secure and transparent overview of all relevant documents.

Project management and team-collaboration platform

Improve the way you work by working the way you want to. Empower your teams by offering them one hub of activity for working together to share, discuss and create content. Let them stay up-to-date with synchronized document versions across all of their devices. Optimize your processes by using Solaria BPM Project dashboards for managing and control with the Electronic pin boards for project team interaction and communication needs.


Standard SOLARIA processes

Pre-prepared process modules:
- HelpDesk
- Travel expense procedure
- Purchase procedure
- Inbound mail
- Leave management
- Incoming invoice e-management
- Contract management
- Complaints procedure
- Conducting management and supervisory board meetings

Further SOLARIA process modules can be added into the existing client environment as individual packages.

Tailored SOLARIA processes

Tailored processes are tailored to suit your business requirements. Tailored process realization is based
on a standard SOLARIA process with its adaptation and integration into your existing IT business environment.

SOLARIA allows fast and simple integration with:
- ERP systems
- external Document management systems (DMS)
- web portals
- B2B web services

Further SOLARIA process modules can be added into the existing customer environment as individual packages.

SOLARIA processes build on request

On request processes are build and implemented with SOLARIA based on your unique business needs. You receive custom-made processes, integrations, input masks and functionalities.

Examples of SOLARIA processes on request:
- Incoming invoice e-management
- Electronic distribution of payrolls and other HR documents
- Complaints procedure
- Contract management
- Tendering procedure
- Purchase procedure
- Other custom-made processes on request

Modules for your business success

Workflow engine:

  • Process workflow design
  • Configuring business rules
  • Automatic tasks assignments
  • Manual task assignments
  • An audit trail of all events
  • Automated tasks
  • Adjustable automatic notifications
  • Central administration module
  • Complex workflow support (parallel tasks, cyclic tasks, returning to the previous steps and automatic event-driven actions)
Search module:

  • Parameterized search
  • Full text search
  • Process search
  • Document search
  • Data export
Project management:

  • Project dashboard
  • Project, team and task management
  • Logging and billing hours
  • Costs tracking
  • Risk, change and problem management
  • Project time optimization
  • Electronic pin board (social interaction and commenting, tracking activities of project members and track the status of tasks and projects)
Document management system (DMS):

  • Electronic storage
  • Document type management
  • Template management
  • Versioning
  • Users document folders
  • Document archive
  • Document access control lists
  • Automated document generation
Organizational structure management module:

  • Interactive creation of company’s organizational structures and processes
  • Multiple organizational structures
  • Ownership of individual entities
  • Edit assignments of members and managers in the structure
  • Leave of work management
  • Central administration of Access control list (ACL), processes, tasks, views and Document management system (DMS)

Design and interface specifics

Mobile-ready user interface
Solaria´s modern and intuitive UI requires minimal to no training of end users. The mobile-ready responsive design supports your high impact employees who are on the road.
Provides multi-language environment (MLE)
Solaria supports a multi-language environment. Business needs for additional languages or requirements arriving from Terminology used in your specific industry are realized with the help of a build-in translation module offering simple and fast translating in real-time.
Supports multi-company environment (MCE)
Solaria helps you manage the "multi-company challenge", by offering the possibility that processes go beyond the boundaries of one company, thereby enabling your affiliates, partners or customers to participate hand-in-hand in the same, mutual process.

Advantages and benefits

Business process optimization

Leverage your company’s potential for increased efficiency as a whole by optimizing your business processes with a simple and fast to integrate solution enabling clearly defined responsibilities and areas of duty, faster workflows and better information flows.

Integrated Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning solution

Benefit from capturing physical and e-documents (eg. e-mails) using the integrated OCR scanning solution. Solaria lets you process high volume of document efficiently and virtually effortlessly due to automatic capturing, classifying and OCR extraction of meta data.

Access and security management

Solaria offers an essential approach to a safe and secure way of managing personnel and documents, while at the same time ensuring an effective and faster overall working process in an organization. Virtual private cloud, networked backups, encryption and API keys help keep data secure.

Modular architecture

Solaria was designed with respect to separate cohesive functionality as isolated parts. Workflow engine, Organizational structure management module, Project management, Document management system and Search module are combined into a united solution to drive your organization‘s performance and success.

Scalable solution

Add and change organization structures, processes, projects and tasks as your companies and teams evolve. Solaria is designed for organizations and teams of every shape and size.

Strategic e-business management approach

Solaria lets you coordinate the behavior of systems, people and information in order to align them with your strategy, helping you achieve a positive business outcome by making it possible for you to be ready to do the right thing at the right time.

Team collaboration

Collaborate and get more done. Solaria project boards and e-pin boards enable your teams and departments to organize projects in a flexible, interactive and fun way.

Enabled global reach

Worldwide access guaranties your teams collaborating from widespread locations. Solaria is accessible from virtually any internet-connected device. By providing to your personnel the most innovative and up-to-date technology your enterprise creates strategic value reflected in the form of a competitive advantage.

Simple integration and fast rollout

Exceptionally fast, reliable and cost-effective rollouts, combined with simple integration models are key to getting more value out of your existing cloud and on-premise applications. Solaria is built to be configurable. Streamlined integration allows to operate Solaria on a standalone basis, connecting with in-house systems once this is necessary.

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